When to spot Manta Rays and Mola Mola in Komodo National Park


When it comes to one of the most diverse and productive marine settings in the world today, Komodo National Park is undoubtedly keeps the high position in the list. With over 250 species of corals and 1000 fish species, the park is a heaven for divers. The park represents two different marine environments that is why your Komodo liveaboard diving vacations at south and north of the park will differ a lot. It is also noteworthy that conditions in this two environments change seasonally.

There are so many attractions underwater! You will be lucky to dive at colorful walls and monumental boulders, enjoy dives at currents as well as gentle drift dives, explore colorful reefs, caves and swim-throughs, observe seamounts and pinnacles, white and black sand slopes, muck dives, etc… Do not forget about some exciting marine life animals such as large pelagic fish, 18 species of cetaceans, mantas, green and hawksbill turtles, dugongs, and much more awaits.

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Manta Ray Season

The Manta Ray season in Komodo National Park in Indonesia lasts from December through February. South water temperature is usually cooler comparing to North and due to plankton blooms the visibility is reduced. This is exactly what attracts these gracious giant creatures to feed. This period is one of the best time to come closer to mantas and get a chance to understand and protect the manta ray’s populations. You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of manta rays as you will have a chance to see them in large numbers and observe their natural behavior at Manta Stations. That is a perfect spot to shoot great manta ID photos as well.

Divers are expected to prepare for strong currents and extreme conditions suitable for advanced level divers. It is suggested to be Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) and to have 50 dives logged.

Mola Mola Komodo

Mola Mola Season

Mola Mola is the term used for the Ocean Sunfish. There are not so many places in the whole world where you are lucky to spot these extraordinary creatures. The Mola Mola got its nickname as a result of the animal’s habit to stay on the surface of the ocean afloat for a bit of time while enjoying the warm rays of the sun. Mola Mola is pelagic and the heaviest bony fish that can reach 1,000 kg mass. You will come across them in August.

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