Purchasing Your Own Dive Equipment


It’s a fact that whatever the sport you choose as your passion you need to purchase equipment. Scuba diving is no different to any other sport. Diving equipment is not cheap but neither is any good quality sporting equipment.   When you start to look for equipment do you purchase new or used? There are always options for new equipment and it can be very confusing as to all the makes and models of scuba diving equipment on the market. First step is to decide on your budget and what you need to purchase first. Most first purchases for new divers is a mask. Look for a comfortable mask that fits well. Fashion doesn’t matter to much as the fish really don’t care what you look like. Fit, comfort and priced within your budget is most desirable.


This can be a difficult way to purchase equipment for new divers. Used regulators can be purchased at reasonable prices. But then you find out that they haven’t been serviced correctly you may spend more money then a new set. Have some one that knows about equipment servicing look at it before purchasing regulators. BCD’s are easy to check as you can see if its well worn, Check the dump valves to ensure they work and the o rings are not damaged.

Staying warm

Good exposure protection is something that you need. A wet suit either 1 piece or 2 piece needs to fit comfortably. If you purchase a used wet suit and its to tight you will not be comfortable when you dive. Buying new can be expensive but you will get what you need to enjoy your dives. Dry suits are a very specialised piece of equipment. But buyer beware do your research on dry suits as they have a lot of seals and dump valves all need to be working well.


As any experienced diver will tell you booties that don’t fit comfortably spoil your dive. Fins are a different matter, you need to understand a little about fin design and your own diving to see the difference. Closed heal fins are for temperate waters. If they don’t fit correctly they will be no good for you.


Most divers will purchase their own tanks. If you have everything else then owning a tank or 2 makes diving so much more accessable. Testing of tanks is law in all countries. The time period between testing is decided by the local authorities. It becomes an on going cost but being able to dive when you want over rides the cost.


Scuba diving equipment is an expensive purchase from the start. Buying pieces of equipment as you develop your skills is a good method. Know your equipment there is lots of information on the internet. Buy what works for you. Good equipment is equipment that suits you. Look after your equipment and you will get great enjoyment from your diving.




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